Civil Id Status Check Kuwait – Inquiring About Civil ID Status

Every country has its own identity card that they issue to its citizens. And also the launched a new identity card which they issue to those people who are not a citizen of their country. In other countries people when came there they issued a specific card for their Identity. And here we are going to discuss civil id status which is announced in the country of Kuwait.

Kuwait is peaceful and has a powerful economy therefore the people of other countries want to go to Kuwait. And those people who go to Kuwait need an identity card and this card is known as civil id status. Here we will discuss in detail civil id status, We will discuss how to apply for civil id status, how to updates civil id, and how to renew civil id. So detail about this you can check from our this site One thing always remembers that all those people who want to live in Kuwait they need this identity card. Otherwise, the government of Kuwait can take action without this identity card. The government of Kuwait gives permission to his police to arrest all those people who have no id card and also which people have expired cards.

So this is a very important id card or document for all those people who want to live in this country its means that to live in Kuwait. Kuwait has very strict rules which must be followed if you are not a citizen of Kuwait.

Civil Id Status

civil id status

Civil id status is an identity card of the state of Kuwait. This document is very important for all those people who want to go to Kuwait for visit or for the earning process. You must need this document to live in Kuwait and so this document is very important for all those people who want to live in Kuwait.

Through our this site you can see all detail about civil id status in detail with the superb interface. The interface of our this site is user friendly and help you go visit all detail with the complete procedure. All the detail of activation and renewal is given here in detail. So this will be helpful for you to see all detail of this civil id status.

This civil id is also known as PACI or Bitaqa and this is a very important document for all those people who want to live in Kuwait freely. Kuwait is an economically powerful country and has peaceful people.

How To Check Civil Id Status Kuwait?

how to check civil id status kuwait

You can check your civil id status easily in 2020 with three best and easy ways. All these methods Are very Simple and Easy. You can easily check All About Your Civil id by following these Three Methods

  1. Through Official Kuwait Website
  2. Through Voice Inquiry
  3. With Civil id kuwait App

Civil Id Status inquiry With Kuwait Portal

Follow these step by step process For Civil Id status inquiry.

Step#01: Visit Kuwait Government Official portal using your Mobile Browser or your PC/Laptop Browser. The Clicking Result show you the new page. This Page is the Front page of PACI kuwait Portal. In the front page of this Government Official portal, the main page show you “inquiring About Civil Id Status” option on your device home Screen.

inquiry about civil id status


Step#2: When you Click on Inquiring about civil id status option, the new page open. This page contain one box with the name of Civil id. Enter Your Civil id Number in this Box for kuwait Civil id status.

Step#3: After Filling this box with Civil id number, Click on Query “option”. This will lead you to new page where your civil id status appear on your device home Screen. In this way you can check your status with Paci kuwait portal.

Civil id status inquiry


  • If your Civil id is Valid then this type of message show on your Screen that “You Holding valid visa”. Screenshot given below to understand the message and procedure.
  • If Your Id not Valid then this type of message Come on your Device home Screen When you click on “Query” Option that “According to our record you have not renew your id”. 

civil id status kuwait

This is the Latest and best way to know all the Status About your civil id.

You can Watch Video To understand process with the Help Of Video

I Hope you understand all things and now able to check your status

Civil id Status Voice Query

You can also Check civil id status with Voice Query. You can know all the details about it using your voice. Follow these Steps to check with Voice Query.

Step#1: Dial 1889988 From Your Mobile Phone or With Your Landline Number.

Step#2: Computer Voice System start Talking. He asked you to Select your favorite language. Select your own choice Language with pressing required number.

Step#3: Follow all instraction that given by the PACI Automatic Voice System. For Checking all about your status must follow the Voice Query.

This is the way to know about it with Voice Query

Kuwait Civil Id Status through App

You can also Check all Inquiry about Civil id Status Through App. Follow these Steps Give below to check about your Civil id.

Step#1: First of all install Kuwait Civil id App From the Google Play Store. The icon of this app is showing below in the Screenshot. After installing open kuwait app.


Kuwait Civil id


Step#2: Click on Open Option. This will Leads you to new Page. This is the Language selection Page. Select your Favorite Language or kuwait app by clicking on it. See Screenshot below.


Civil id language


Step#3: When you select your Language It will leads you to new page Where Four option Available. Click on “Civil id Status” Option. See Screenshot below to understand it very will.


Kuwait Civil id status


Step#4: Now New Page inquiry about civil id status Open, Where Box of Enter Civil id Available. Enter your Civil id Number in this Box and Click on the below “Query” option to know about your Status. See Screenshot below.


kuwait civil id status


This is the best and easy method to know your all status.

Paci Civil Id Status

one thing always remembers that this civil id card is also known as PACI civil id. The procedure of PACI is the same as civil id which we have discussed in detail above. The site civil id has complete detail in easy wording.

All people can learn about paci civil is through this site easily with complete detail. The procedure to apply for civil is very simple and short. You have done your job easily in a short period of time easily from our this site in a simple way and also in a short period of time easily without any type of help from other people.

First Time Registration Civil Id

if you want to first-time registration for this id card you need to visit headquarters at Zahara on the first floor. And from there you can get all information with complete procedure easily.

All Types of information you can get from here with complete detail.

How to update civil id status?

All the answer to these question is given in detail about all of these on above. You must follow some steps in detail at the start of this site. You must understand all detail in your mind.
We are hopeful that our this site will give you a better way to see detail about civil id status. This site has a simple interface and gives the better result to all people who want to know about civil id status